Metalwork is the first medium I really found a home in. Its demand of detail, precision, & its unforgiving permanence with every stroke, has taught me more about myself then I ever imagined. Working with metal makes me slow down, consider the process, & try to stretch my mind to envision the end result. Exploring my deepest artistic undercurrents through a medium that demands anvils, torches & hammers has never ceased to intrigue me. The tension between these two opposites offers an infinite amount of inspiration.

I fabricate all of my pieces individually, by hand, in my studio, using hand saws, torches, anvils, hammers & employing a variety of ancient forging techniques. All of the material I use is recycled copper & brass sheet metal that is re purposed from off cuts of local industry. I acid etch images into metal, as well as use a rolling mill to imprint various leafs, grasses & ferns I find in nature. Complicated joinery & contrasting metals are my specialty. I use nuts & bolts, riveting & soldering to attach layers of metal together, & love to showcase the hardware as an essential design element in my work. I draw upon my reverence of nature, love working within the Art Nouveau style, & enjoy using symbology in my pieces depicting transformation & change. Each & every piece I make has a story to it, an inspiration behind it, & has a history of how it is made.

About Serene Silva

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